Keela : Mazing

"ABBIE!" I scream at the top of the voice. She must be in here somewhere. "ABBIE, WHERE ARE YOU?" I just keep running. It isn't a forest anymore. It's more like a moving corridor. Corridors branching off endless. The walls move around like mad. Like another dimension. Some corridors blocked themself up and other corridors are created. All looking exactly the same. I run through the maze, unaware of where I am or where I'd end up. I look at the doors around me. Then I kicked one open, empty. Another one, empty. And another, and another.

"ABBIE!" I shout. Please, Abbie, tell me where you are.

"KEELA!" I hear a voice. Quiet but clear. I run towards the voice. "Keela! I'm here!" I open the door where her voice came from, only to see a gigantic fish bowl, and Abbie inside it. She struggles, running out of air, her hands stretched out desperately at me. Then she sinks, her mouth open in despair. Her eyes shocked and terrified.

"What have you done?!" I scream to whoever listens. "What have you done with Abbie?"

Keela, we finally meet. An eerie voice fills up the room, I shiver.

"She's dying! Let her out!"

Oh, you want her out, do you? I'm afraid that's a bit difficult at the moment. You see, if someone enters my maze. They don't go out again, unless I let them. You and her took someone away from me. Neither of you will leave.

"Please! I'll do anything!"

What an idiot. You think I believe you?

"I'm not lying. I swear."

Do you swear on your life? I pause. My life? Is it that simple. Just to swear on my life? It will be worth it though, won't it? For another person.

"Yes, I swear on my life." I mutter quietly. Immediately, some water is sucked away at the top of the tank.

I watch Abbie float to the top, and life springing back into her eyes.

I'm going to fill it up again.

"Don't! Please." I see a wave of electricity coming from one of the pipes and into the water. Water and electricity don't mix. Everyone knows that.

"What are you doing?" I scream, tears coming to my eyes. The water trembles, Abbie twitching with fear.

Just having a little fun. Are you not enjoying it?

"Stop it!"

Try and stop me.

"FINE! Kill me instead! Don't kill Abbie. Kill me." I taste salty water on my lips.


I feel pain entering my body. I feel numb. I feel cold. I feel my heart turning into ice. I feel my veins freezing up. I feel my body fall to the floor. Then I feel nothing.

The End

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