Abbie: Silhouette/Bowls Are For Goldfish

There's a lot of screaming. And I mean a lot. I'm still trying to breath, still couging up enormous amounts of water. Keela seems to be having a fight with the voice. Finally, I can breath enough to stay above the water. When I moved, the bowl had started filling up again. And now there's only just enough space for my head to be above the water. I watch helplessly as Keela grows weaker and weaker. I can't really tell what she's saying, or what the voice is saying for that matter. But then something comes lud and clear

"Kill me instead!" Keela sobs, tears streaking down her face "Don't kill Abbie, kill me" There's silence, and then she falls to the floor.

"NO!" I shriek. That's the final straw. I put my hand against the stone lid on the bowl. And using all my strength I say "Rewind". The lid shoots off and I pull myself up and out. I slide down the side and run to Keela. "Keela" I sob "What did you say that for? Wake up you stupid girl, wake up" I shake her shoulders gently.

That wont help

"SHUT UP!" I scream, hurting my throat. "JUST SHUT UP AND GO AWAY"

Why? I only just got here

I look around, I can't see anything. Then I do see something. A silhouette of a man. A light comes on, flooding the whole room. But the man is still a silhouette.

This is the form I struggle most with. I can't make myself more human.

"You. Killed. My. Friend. What kind of evil person are you!?"

I am not an evil person. I AM evil. I'm evil itself. And, your friend isn't dead. She's in a state of deep pain. I do not have the power to kill people. See, I made a deal, years ago, with that weakling who you call the creator. If I don't kill anybody, I can stay in this maze. If I kill someone, I die.

OMG!!! He made a deal with the Creator. 

And little Fantina Lahmez. Poor little girl...

"Fantina?? I don't know anyone called Fantina."

Oh yes, Her last name, if you're wondering... L-A-M-E-S.

Fantina Lames. F.Lames.


I must say, it was pretty impressive how you got out of there

"Bowls are for goldfish"


The End

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