Corby: My entrance to the kingdom

None of this was suppose to happen. All right, first things first, how I died. Well, everything was a fine and good, until a few policemen broke my door down and shoved me in a car. Reason? Well I was the suspect for a murder, I didn't do it but they had a whole lot of evidence saying that I did, so I was given the guilty verdict. Sentence? Death, by hanging no less! Who does this anymore?

Anyway, I woke up in a weird building thinking I was in heaven. Then I saw a sign that says "Welcome to the Kingdom!", which only makes me think more that it's heaven. Farther down on the sign it said something about having a superpower related to my death. Well, I was hung, and I don't know what sort of power choking would be for, so I went outside confused. I saw someone walking down the path and decided to say hi, so I did a little salute. While I was saluting, a rope came petruding out of my hand. Shocked, I brought my hand back down, but then I got curious so I tried again. This time I pointed my hand at the sign, jerked it a little, and again, the rope shot out and grabbed the sign.

"Oh my god!" I screamed. " I'm Spiderman!!"

The End

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