Abbie: Am I Dead?

I'm sinking. I'm falling. I'm stuck. I'm dying.


Quite right

go away, haven't you hurt me enough?

The voice goes silent. As the warm water fills my lungs, I realize that I would have preferred it to be cold. It's like when you play in snow without gloves on, and then you run your hands under hot water to warm them up. I hit the bottom of the bowl, it's almost full so I wouldn't be able to save myself if I tried. I lay there, I know I'm going to die. There's no doubt about it. I deliberately breath in, letting the water fill my lungs more. Then, the water surface starts to come down towards me. I wander why for a minute, then I realize: the Mazer thinks I'm dead! Am I? Am I dead? I've no way of knowing. 

"Abbie? ABBIE!" I hear clear as day. It's Keela, it's got to be. I can't die now, I can't. I struggle to get upright. I swim the best I can up to the surface. I should be dead by now, I must be. I've breathed too much water to be alive. If I'm alive, Keela wouldn't be here. But if I'm dead, she's no need to rescue me. If I'm dead, if I'm dead it'll kill her. My head breaks the surface and I come up coughing and spluttering, failing to breath.


The End

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