Winter: Remembering my Death

All I can see if blackness....... nothing more.........

Then a vision pops up

I walk slowly through the street's. I look up and see a man he's smiling. He grabs hold of me and puts a hand over my mouth just as I'm about to scream. He drags me into a abandoned house and throws me to the floor.

"Sorry you have to pay for your fathers mistake honey" he hiss. I cry softl backing away.

"Why? What did he do to you?" I whisper tears streaming down my face. My ankle is broken if it wasn't I'd be using my martial arts to excape but I can't.

"He did this" he yanks down a hood he was wearing to show half of his face if missing flesh. I scream and he wacks me across the face sending my rolling across the floor.

He then begins to cut me a small knife but it hurts.

 Then I'm on the floor and I'm screaming he has a set of wires in his hand sparking electricity. My bodies cut in so many places but I no longer bleed. I try to kick out..... try to shield myself.

My death........... I just remebered my death..........

I feel tears and open my eyes to see I'm crying. I feel a tight grip on my hand and turn to see James. I smile but then fall into his arms and cry. My death......... It hurt so much no wonder I wanted to forget........ No wonder I had a will to stop criminals.........

"What happened? You were crying" James whispers.

"I remembered my death..... It was terrible" I begin to cry again and hold on to James tighter.

The End

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