James: Fighting a Mob.

The prisoners had apparently aquired a good tactical leader. He got the prisoners to corner the soldiers at Lorago square. Where the soldiers where fighting there backs facing a Wall. I had been seperated from Winter during the first part of the fight. 

The Prisoners had me surrrounded. We had been cleared for use of lethal force since the prisoners weren't holding back.  I made an explosion that surrounded me. A wall of flames and rubble flew out wards killing nearby prisoners. sorry. I thought but it was kill or be killed. 

I saw a glimpse of Winter on the other side of the street. Ok i'll get my self over there after my little tactical plan. I told the soldiers to back off and let me Take on hordes of prisoners.  I was going to send an explosion seperating the prisoners into two groups then from behind start bombarding them with explosions. Until they run into  the battle ready soldiers. It worked the soldiers had succesfully captured or killed half the number of prisoners. I made my way back to Winter knocking a few prisoners out on the way.  Then I saw the tip of a blade burst out of Winter's back.  She pulled it out. Then fell to her knees, She proceeded with electrocuting the guy who had been identified as the prisoners leader.  The soldeirs began to fight harder causing a small hole in the battle to Get Winter out.  I catch her

" James." she says

"Stay with me Winter!" I say

"she going into a coma."  Sarge says

" Why?" I asked

" Its whats her bodies does to save her from death." Sarge explains. 

Her wound began to heal.  The medics came in and put her on a stretcher. I would have gone with Winter, but the Battle was still raging on.  Even though the prisoners were begining to flee and become disorganised because of their leaders death.  but they still had to be dealt with. I explode - Jumped to there only exit  

" sorry people there isn't any escape."  I said causing a massive explosion under ground that shot the road up to block their escape. 

The mob charges for me. I take out the front row with a massive kick explosion. By then the soldiers had the unruly mob surrounded. the prisonere decided to surrender. 

" Thanks for your help." Sarge said

" Ah its my new job." I said beginging to walk away

" If I'm needed.I'll Either be at the cathedral or the hospital." I said then took off to report to the Creator then I'll visit Winter. 

On the my way to the cathedral. I couldn't help but think that the prisoners were only a distraction. something greater had just occured something much worse than an unruly mob of prisoners. Could the mazer , and the prisoners be connected?

The End

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