Winter: Happens all the time

"This happens all the time... obviously not Keela.... I've never had an apprentice before never mind to" I say trying another kick. He blocks it and I flip back.

"How long it take you to learn all this?" James.

"Nearly half of my life on earth and five years to finish of in the kingdom 15 years all together" I say shrugging.

"Please tell me I won't have to pratice that long" James groans slightly.

"You will but you'll probably a guardian before the end of your training..... Maybe" I shrug and he tries a punch.

I grab his arm and knee him in the chest lightly.

"Can we take a break, you started training as soon as I got here. I haven't stopped moving all morning?"

"Okay" I slump to the grass and he sits next to me. I decided to train him out in the open. I let the wind blow against my hair.

"It's so peaceful here"  I whisper and see James look at me before staring straight ahead.

The End

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