James: Petty crime?

" Look pal what your doing is only making things worse!" I said dodging another wave of water.  Why was he running his sentence wouldn't be too bad. He only stole a few things. I was begining to think there was more to the story then the stealing.

I jumped up onto the roof. I was doing this solo because Keela went to look for another friend stuck in the maze.

He thought he had gotten a way when i shot an explosion just a little behind him.  Causing him to fall to the ground. I jumped off the making another explosion to make my landing softer. Landing in front of him.

" Well if you had just turned yourself in earlier. You probaly wouldn't be facing prison. But its to late you've killed some people on top of stealing, and assault." I said with my boot on his back waiting for some soldiers to show up.  

"I also advise not make anymore waves of water or I will actually hurt you." I said Intimidating the crap out of the guy.  

" You!" I hear a familiar voice," I thought you where in prison?"  Said the guy who handcuffed me a few days earlier. 

" Yeah but now i'm working under Winter now." I said. 

"Is the creator nuts your a murderer? By the way my names Sarge."  Sarge said a little angry

" James.  It was self defence ,and the guy was a crinimal."  I pointed out , " Oh and meet my new freind here. He likes to steal , and run like a maniac."  The guy still under my boot.

I lifted my boot off him and Sarge arrested him.

" Oh not to be nosy but can you send me all the information you get out of him. No one would kill people and be such a nuisance just becaus of a few meals and a necklace." I said 

"I'll give the information to Winter." He replied angrily.

"Thanks." I yelled from a distance and begining to make my way to the cathedral.


When I got there I told Winter about Keela and the thief.

" What should we do?" I asked.


The End

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