Abbie: Why, might I ask, did Keela come back?

The walls move further andt further in. I think I'm going to be crushed. But just as they're about to, the scene changes to what looks like the town square. It isn't though, it's just another part of this stupid maze.

Aren't you going to thank me?

No I think, and then I realize that my life just got saved thanks

See? We can be friends. By the way, I know where your little friend is...

Tell me!

Well, if you listen, you'll know

I listened. I couldn't hear anything. I listened harder. After a while, I heard a faint voice

"ABBIE!" it called faintly "ABBIE, WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Keela!" I gasp

So that's her name, Keela. That's a very nice name

Damn! I just told the stupid Mazer Keela's name! Oh yeah, and why, may I ask, did she come back for me?

Yes, that was very foolish of her. You see, she's making trouble for herself by coming back in. And by trying to get you out, she's causing more trouble for you..

"Damn maze" I mutter. The voice laughs. The scene changes so that it looks like I'm in a giant goldfish bowl. The room is dark. On the side of the bowl, is a sign that says: WATER INLET. Underneath, is a small hole. I go to the edge of the bowl (because I am in one) and look at the hole. I can see a pipe leading out. I can't see where it goes. I then realize what's going on. As if to prove I'm right, water starts trickling out of the pipe into the bowl. I know there's no point in trying to get out, the bowl being smooth and round. A grinding noise makes me look up, there's a huge black lid on the top of the bowl. I walk to the other side of the bowl, where the water isn't being let in. And I wait for the bowl to fill up.

The End

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