Winter: Love.... No!!!

It was lunch time and I was in the Creator's special gardens. I was the only other person besides her allowed in here.

It was protected by a dome so I didn't have to worry about Katrina.

Keela had come back and I'd sent her and James to deal with a petty crime. I reached up and touched my lips then quickly pulled my hand away. I tapped my fists against my head angrily.

I love..... No!!!

I couldn't it's not right. I sigh and sit on the floor.

"You can't fight feelings Winter" I look up to see the creator to my left looking down at me.

"But I'm not-"

"Who said you shouldn't?" she says. "If you Love someone you love them"

"But it... I..... A Guardian shouldn't fall in love with their Apprentice"

"Doesn't mean she can't?" The Creator whispers then she slowly glides off.

The End

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