Oooh! Winter and James! From the air, I saw the whole thing. "Winter and James, sitting in a tree..." I sang. "K- I- S- S- I- N- G!" Just then Winter noticed me. She looked up.

"Katrina?" she asked. "Come. Down."

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" I said. I did not want to make her mad.

"S'okay. Actually, not really. But I forgive you. I think." She walked off.

"Smart move, Katrina!" Raven said, coming out of the cathearadel. "I saw that."

"Happens. I don't really care. I don't need anyone to have a good opinion of me! I have the sky!"

Raven frowned. "You better watch that attitude, Katrina. Oh, and I have a good nickname for you. Kat okay with you?"

"Sure, sure! But I gotta go, seeing as it's my job. Bye!"

"Bye Kat!" I went up and looked down. I went to a street, hovering over it. I dropped down, landing right in front of a store. I walked in, noticing it was a sports store.

"Are you looking for anything in particular?" asked a young lady from behind a counter.

"No, no. I just wanted to look. I used to play lots of sports." I wandered over to a rack of skates. Shrugging, I walked out of the store.

"Life just sucks, doesn't it?" I said to the street lamp. "One moment you have a great new job, the next, you are so useless that you feel like dying. Again."

The End

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