James: What the? mom?

I was about to say sorry to Winter when. My Mom of all people showed up. She was crying.

" Mom its nice to see you. I'm so sorry i couldn't save you from the fire." I said keeping my emotions to minimum.

" How did you die?" She cried.

" Remember the factory mom? Mr Roberts took me in." I replied

" He was always so sympathetic. How nice." she cut in

"Well he made me work. And well one of the flammable compressed gas tanks exploded beside me."  I said

" Oh ." she cried finally letting go.

" Well Mom I working for Winter now." I said ," And I think i should probaly get back to work now. I'll drop by later though." 

" Bye James." she said beginning to walk away

" Sorry. About earlier Winter." I said my head down. I probaly shouldn't have kissed her what was i thinking? 

" It won't happen agian." I completed the sentence.

I liked her though. But i had to keep my emotions under my control. which won't be to hard its what  I've been doing for the last 2 years.

The End

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