Winter: Heart

James twist's my arm then traps me up against the wall. "You're getting better" I say smiling.

"Yeah, I am" he whispers and I feel his breath against my face. It's only then I notice the closeness of his body. I feel my heart race and it scares me. "Umm...." James goes silent and I stay silent aswell.

He leans in and kisses me and at first I don't know what to do but then I wrap my arms round his neck.

It feel so nice.... I push James away and gasp for breath. My heart is yearning for him but I'm not giving in.

He looks away down at the floor seeming slightly hurt.

"You're my apprentice that shouldn't have happened" I say still nervous. My palms are sweaty and my heart it pounding in my chest.


"James" a voice screams. We turn to see a women running out.

"Mom" James says stunned. Then the women pulls him into a hug crying her eyes out.

The End

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