Winter: Ouch

I screamed as I hit the ground rolling but manouvered myself into a crouch.

"You idiot" I hiss. The boy was young only three and I was trying to go easy on him. I create a shield round his body and he screams. Crack's in the shield start to appear and I build another one.

"Your fighting a three year old?" James says coming up behind me.

"A three year old that killed three soldiers and is very hard to contain" I say it in pain as I build another shield.

"Look there's no need to cry" I whisper and the boy slowly stops screaming.

"Your mummy and daddy will be waiting" I say.

"I want to go home" It cries. I drop the shield and a girl from childcare walks in.

"Thanx Winter" she says picking up the child.

"You're welcome" I tell her and I turn to James. "Back to your training"

The End

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