James: Okay report to Winter

I owe the the hotel some domes but atleast i got some decent sleep. I felt great  alright I made my way to the cathedral. And i waited a few minutes. 10 minutes later

"Where the hell is she?" I siad impatiently

I go to the Buzzer "Name, purpose ?"

"James , reporting to winter." I said

the doors open I run to the apartment housing. I knock on her door

"Winter get up!" I said loudly banging on the door

There was no reply. The door was open meaning she's should still be here. I knocked and waited for a little longer. Alright there wasn't any other options but to disturb. I opened the door. The bed wasn't made and she wasn't there at all. Oh great I thought to myself someone else is missing.  I then made my way to the creator.


The End

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