Keela : Where's Abbie?

I press the buzzer, standing impatiently on the Creatathedral steps.

"Please state your name and purpose." A female voice says.

"This is Keela. I have an unconsicous person here. LET ME IN!"

"Alright Keela, calm down. I will send people out to help you." The door buzzes and I carry Flames in on my back. A few nurses come out to me with a wheelbed, they place Flames on there and tell me the Creator wanted to see me. I walk up the grand marble stairs and knock on the huge polished wooden door.

"Come in Keela." I hear the familiar voice of Miss Winter call me. Pushing the grand door open, I step inside to see The Creator and Miss Winter talking quietly.

"Fill us in." The Creator says softly.

"Me and Abbie got trapped in the Maze. We figured a glitch in the Maze system. It does opposite to whatever you say. So we managed to get out with Flames as well. But after I teleported Flames back here, I couldn't find Abbie anymore. I think she's trapped back in there." I explain.

"Keela, you will not go back in again. We cannot afford to lose one person, let alone two." Miss Winter answers.

"But Abbie - " I complain.

"-We'll send a professional rescue team in as soon as possible."

"When's as soon as possible? They probably won't start till next week. By then, Abbie could be dead!"

"Stay out of there Keela. I'm warning you." I shake my head.

"A friend is much more valuable than getting 50 domes per day." I teleport back outside.

"I WANT TO GO INTO THE MAZE. COME ON THEN, COME GET ME." I scream into the air, hoping the Mazer would hear. The air ripples, then slowly, the scene outside the Creatathedral disappears, and I start to be surrounded by trees.

"So brave, yet so soo dumb." I hear the evil voice around me.

"I can get Abbie out." I tell it.

"I fixed the little glitch. No one, and I repeat, No one, will ever get out of this maze ever again." It pauses. Then it starts laughing cruely, almost screeching. I look around. The trees are green, and the bark is brown. But it almost looks abit unrealistic. There is no wind between the leaves. This whole maze just feels fake.

The End

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