Gracie: Germans

A woman leads me into a small room. I give an evil stare as I go into it. I'm convinced I must be dead by now. The room is bare with just 2 wooden chairs. I still don't trust anyone, they're definitely all Germans. We sit down and the woman starts talking to me, she says 'hello' and I tell her my name. She starts going on about how the Kingdom works. I'm not really interested, I just want to find Travis. Suddenly she stares into my eyes without moving a muscle.

"What?" I say. She doesn't move. For the first time in my life, I'm scared. I suddenly realize something "OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE A GERMAN" I yell, standing up. The woman just continues staring.

"You have a great power..." she says blankly. She suddenky gets up and drags me into another room. She says that I might not be able to use my power though. She shows me how I could use it but says that I can't because I have to kill people to do it. She shows me out of the room just as James comes out of the room he's in. I give him my evil stare again.

"What?" he demands

"Stupid German" I mumble and push past him. I go outside. I suddenly remember that the Creator said I should go to Mr Makins. Who the hell's he? I decide to look for Travis.

The End

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