Keela : Minus Abbie

I run towards the unconscious Flames with Abbie next to me.

"Oh my Kingdom!" I exclaim, "We did it!" I give her a hug.

"Wait, shh" Abbie whispers, "They might still be listening. Keep acting." I nod. I sigh really loudly.

"Now we'll have to take Flames back to the Creatathedral. What trouble!"

"Yeah!" Abbie adds on. "So annoying. Let's go Keela." She smiles at me.

"Wait here, I don't know if I can teleport three people at a time."

"Okay," she replies. I touch Flames, and I concentrate on the Creatathedral. I feel the wind in my hair......then I'm there, standing in front of the Creatathedral. People all around stare at me. I let go of Flames and return to wherever I was.

"Alright, she's there now, Abbie. Abbie? Abbie?! ABBIE!" I look around, this was definitely the place I was in before, minus Abbie. I can't see her.

"ABBIE!!" I scream. No answer.

I teleport back to Flames then I carry her into the Creatathedral. Where is Abbie?

The End

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