James: The creator

I came up to the door of the  cathedral there was speaker and mic beside the doors. All I could think of was drive thru religion.  

"Name and purpose?" the speaker asked

"James. Purpose erm? Taking new arrivals gracie and my self here. I said  

the doors open " come in." a welcoming voice said , " James go to the Creator , and Gracies is to go to Mr Makins." the speaker said.  

"Who's that?" she asked

" I wouldn't have a clue." I siad , " see you later." I said. Then I followed the signs thats said creators office.

Once in the room a elegantly tall woman greeted me there.  

" So have you accepted my offer?"  she asked 

" Yes Ma'am I have."  I said 

" Good. Go find yourself a place to stay then you'll meet Winter tommorow morning out side of here." She said.  

I left the Cathedral that was brief.  Still wondering what I was supposed to with finding a place to stay.  

The End

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