Abbie: A Bit Of Bad Acting

"FLAMES!!!!!" we yell. "FLAMES!!!" as if this is going to help. She's in a coma, she wont hear us. When we try to get out of this damn place, it takes us further in. When we decide to stay it it lets us out - but not for long. I've worked put that the Mazer does the opposite of what you want it to do. Then I get an idea.

"Keela, stop"

"What? We're never gonna find Flames by stopping!" she exclaims

"Yes, we are. The Mazer does exactly the opposite of what you want. So if we focus on not finding Flames: if we focus on never seeing Flames again, and getting out of here, we'll probably end up right next to her" I explain

"Oh. OK then." she says "Ehem! Come on Abbie, we might as well give up!" she yells

"Yeah!" I yell back "Let's just forget about Flames and get out of here!" the air shimmers around us

"I'm sorry Flames!" Keela shouts sadly

"I wish we could help more!" I shout just as sadly. The air shimmers more and the scene starts to disappear. Then Keela pretends to change her mind.

"NO! I will NOT leave Flames here!" she storms, and starts marching away from me. The scene goes back to where we are. But the air still lokks like it's polluted by gas.

"Come on Keela!" I yell, grabbing her arm and dragging her back. She pretends to break down and falls to the floor. I carry on dragging her. "Keela, we're never going to find her" the scene starts to disappear again

"NO!" she yells, pretending to sob uncontrollably. I carry on dragging her, she claws at the ground. The air stops shimmering and we find ourselves in an alley way. Ahead of us is a figure, slumped against a wall. It can only be Flames. Ha! The Mazer's so stupid! That had to be the worst bit of acting the Kingdom has ever seen! Keela gets up and laughs along with me. We run over to Flames's limp body.

The End

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