James: What? ok.

Winter said " Later James, at the moment you should get some rest." And then she left. I wasn't really that tired , I needed to make some money. I'm technically homeless becuase of that making it hard to get some rest. I was a little frusterated  oh well tommorow I be able to work with winter , and maybe help the rescue effort for Flames. As i walked away my questions returned. What happened? Does winter have teleportation abilities? What was that place. And whats happening?  These questions plauged my mind while I was wandering.  


My thoughts were interupted by a soldier girl probaly swearing at me with a gun in hand.

"Hey do you speak english?"  I asked

" Yeah." she said sorta ticked

"Look I don't know what your problem with me is so calm down." I said

" Your german!" she yelled

I smiled " No! I am Canadian!" I said proudly ," Well until my death. Whats your name?"

"Gracie." she said

" James. My power is explosions."  I exclaimed 

" Powers?" she asked

"Here you get powers related to how you die." I explianed quicky

After that  I ended up telling her about my last four interesting days.  She then told she just recently got here. Then she stood up

and said  " Travis! He died too , I've got to find him. come on James!" Gracie said full of emotion.

" What? Ok." I said following her

Thats when I realized something. My family had died Where they here too? thats when i passed a poster saying in the event you meet a new comer you must take them to the cathredal. 

"Stop!" I yelled , she turned around, " we are supposed to go the the cathedral. Maybe there you can find information on your friend."  As  I made my way to that building . With a new question in mind why didn't Winter take me there that first day.

The End

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