Keela : Trapped

We run in circles, getting absolutely nowhere. The trees seem to copy themselves and it feels like I'm on a running machine.

"Come on, let me try and get us out of here." I say to Abbie.

"You can't do anything in here though, only the gun."

"We can try though, right?" Abbie nods. I take her hand and close my eyes. I picture the Creatathedral in my head. Then we teleport. We stand in front of the Creatathedral holding hands.

"Oh my kingdom!" I shout, "It worked!" Abbie's mouth is open in disbelief. We give each other a hug and walk towards the building. I walk forwards one step then I hit a sort of shield, invisible. I let go of Abbie's hand and hit the shield. It is just as hard as a brick. The air ripples and we are teleported away.

"Where are you taking us, Keela?" Abbie asks, frowning.

"I'm not taking us anywhere! I didn't do this! I'm not holding your hand or anything." I reply, what is going on? We end up in what seems like nothing. White just stretching out, and out, and out. Nothing but white.

Then slowly, the surroundings start to appear, the trees beside us come into sight, the exact trees we tried to teleport away from. I groan.

"You thought you could escape, did you?" We hear a male voice from behind us. It laughs evily. We turn around.

The End

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