Gracie , OH DAM IT!!

"Am I dead? Where am I? Can any one lead me to the general, general Davis?" Those were the questions I asked when I appeared in the Kindom after I was running up a hill in Afghanistan, ready to shoot a german. I heard a rather loud bang and then realised that there was a hole in my chest, next thing I know I'm in this Kingdom. I was the only girl in the war apparantly. I walked and walked through the Kingdom until I came to a guy named James. He was on his way back to the main part of the Kingdom. I thought he was a dead german. I reached for my gun, soon realising that there were no more bullets in it. I'm spanish so I said some pretty bad words to him in spanish, still thinking he was a german. He asked me if I spoke any English. I said yes. He began telling me that his friends Abbie and Keela are trying find Flames who is unconcious in the Mazer. " Oh dam it i've got to find travis he's dead to. he must be somewhere in the kingdom , come on james." I said "We have to find him."

The End

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