Abbie: Entering the Mazer

"Why aren't we in the Mazer yet, Abbie?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should make an intention to go into another afterlife" I say. This is the 3rd time we've stopped running. We must've been running full pelt for at least an hour now, but we just keep getting deeper into the forest. 

"OK" Keela says. I look around me. I see a glimpse of light ahead. That must be the exit. Keela sees it too. "Lets go" and we set off running towards the light. It gets bigger and brighter and bigger and brighter until we can't actually see anymore. Then we step out into... the Kingdom. "What? We just went round in a big circle!!!"

"I noticed. We need to get to Winter, now" I say. We run towards the Creatathedral, but we just can't get there. We turn this way and that, trying to find the path that we knew so well just a few hours ago. We were just going round in endless circles. It was like we were in a maze. A maze. The maze. THE MAZER!!!

The End

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