Abbie: I can't excactly find the words to describe this.....

As me and Keela 'appear' in the Forest  (which is actually called el bosque, but I seriously cannot be bothered to talk Spanish) I get a buzz from my phone:

Mr Makins

In about 3 seconds, Winter will turn up in the Mazer. She will try to get flames and a man called james out and will only succeed in getting james out. flames will be left in a coma on her own.

I stop. I feel the colour drain from my face. Flames is in a coma. A coma! 

"Abbie? What does it mean when your eyes go whiter than the actual white of your eyes?" I hear Keela ask.

"I don't know" I say, not surprised at how blank my voice sounds.

"Abbie?!?! What's wrong? Abbie! Give me the phone" Keela tears the phone out of my hand. "OH MY GOSH!" she screams and I hear the phone clatter to the floor.

The End

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