Winter: Maze

I walk slowly through the streets. I had wanted to go with them but I had to protect the city. I look up......

Have I just gone in a circle? I run and curse. "I'm in the Maze" I scream.

Then I hear a voice shouting. "James" I gasp. I take of at a fast run.

It's strange but even though I stuck I know where to go. I come to an alley and spot him. Flames is unconcious at his side.

"JAMES" I shout. He looks up and his eyes widen. I run over and kneel next to Flames.

"What happened?" I ask but at the same time he says "How did you get here?"

I pass my hand over Flames's body. She sit's up choking. I feel my body shimmer. I look down at my hands and gasp.

"Whats happening?" Flames says jumping away. I reach for them both but I only just reach James and I feel us being yanked out of the Maze.

We hit the ground and roll and I turn to see a faint shimmer of light. "Oh, no" I mutter.

I've just left her in there alone.

The End

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