Flames: Coma

James explodes the wall and there is only black, empty nothing behind it. He jumps- or rather, explodes upwards- and there is suddenly nothing but black.

I can't be unconcious, or I wouldn't be able to hear him shout.

"Give me a clue! Please just give me a clue , someones hurts and its my fault!" he yells at the sky. I want to tell him it's not his fault, but how in hell am I supposed to do that?

I hear his footsteps walking away- has he forgotten me, helpless on the ground?

"Well let's see what that does for us," he says.


You like him, says a voice in my head.

Who the heck are you?

It's your concience

Go away.

No. You like him

No I don't

No, you're right. You don't like him, you love him.

No I don't! Piss off!

No. you luurrve him

Go away!

My 'Concience' doesn't say anything else, but a have an annoying feeling it might have been slightly right.

The End

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