Abbie: Mind Off Things

Winter's gone to get some equipment we need. Again I'm pacing my room. For the second time this week.

"Keela" I say "Please take my mind off things"

"Umm... OK. Why don't you call Miss Winter, Miss Winter? Why do you just call her Winter? After all, she's basically royalty" she asks. It sounds like she's been meaning to ask this for ages.

"Oh. Well when we first met 3 years ago, she introduced herself as Winter. So that's what I call her, and she doesn't seem to mind. I think she felt sorry for me, the way I died and all..." I answer truthfully

"How did you die?"

"You don't wanna know"

"Yes I do"

"No you don't"

"Abbie, if I didn't I wouldn't be asking"

"Fine, but you won't like it. I was tortured, OK? I don't like thinking about it."

"But you're only 13!!!" Keela exclaims

"I know! I don't know what they thought I knew..."

"'They' being...?"

"I dunno. I got my power coz everything seemed to be going on slow motion."

"Where'd you get the eyes from?"

"Dunno, I've always wondered that. Maybe the Creator knows. I'll have to ask her some time. I wonder if - Oh my God, what's that?" I stop halfway through a sentence as Winter brings in some device that must come from the future, or some place I don't know about. 

The End

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