Winter: Acknot

"Will need to visit Acknot?" I say pulling a small circular divice out of my pocket. I put it on the table and pressed the button. "Forbidden Valley" I whisper and a 3-d map pops up.

"That's where he lives" I say nodding at the map.

"Then lets go" Keela says jumping up.

"Problem Keela, no one can use powers in the Valley not even to get in" Abbie says. Well that's her name. I now remember bumping into her.

"We can tranport to Denisey Gorge" I say the map changing to a large crack in the earth. "But it's a four mile walk from there and we can't leave the town unguarded"

"Put Sargent in charge, we need your help Miss Winter" Keela begs.

I stay silent. "Please" Abbie gasps. Then I make my desision.

The End

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