James: Sorry

I wasn't really paying attention during the wall crushing incident but. I hurt Flames While escaping. I'm not sure how badly though but she wasn't awake.  This place is wierd , no escaping, no brute force. Its gotta be a puzzle of somesort. But i wasn't given any clues on how to solve it. 

"Give me a clue! Please just give me a clue , someones hurts and its my fault!" I yelled up the sky.

Once agian the nothing just the wind blowing, and the girl out cold.

I sat up on the wall. This has to be puzzle no brute strengh , no running away but what sorta puzzle?   Well for starters the structure was bit like a maze , but with no exit.  I explode jump to check just to make sure. No exit but the was circle structure across the maze from us. 

"Well let's see what that does for us." I said queitly. Picking up Flames. 


The End

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