Abbie: The... the Mazer

The Mazer. The Mazer. The Mazer. Flames is stuck, and hurt in the Mazer. I forget what the Mazer is, when Winter tells us that's where Flames is. Then when we get to the hotel, and into Keela's room, I realize.

"THE MAZER!" I all but shout.

"The Mazer, what's so bad about the Mazer?" Keela asks

"It's only the one most dangerous place in the whole, entire Kingdom! When you go searching for another afterlife, the Mazer gets you, and stops you. It traps you. The walls try to crush you when you try to escape them! If you fly too high out of it, you either run out of oxygen and die. Or you get dragged down by over powerful gravity and a lid gets put over it, so you're in total darkness. And if that's not bad enough, it does all sorts of things to you, that get worse the harder you try to escape!" I cry.

"Oh no" Keela says. Oh no. Excactly.

The End

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