Katrina: Raven

So there was someone stuck on a cliff. Oh yay... In a while, Keela came. She took over, so I went back to oversee the rest of the Kingdom. I looked down. I already felt superior to those stuck there, down on the ground, always using so much flat space, when there was the dynamics of the air, fresh and blowing through my hair.

Nothing was happening, that I could see from up in the air. I went down to see some people. There was one girl entering the cathedral. I went up to her, still floating, and asked her name. She blinked, as if willing me to land.

"W- well, my name's Raven." she said, still blinking.

"Girl, you're gonna wear out the muscles in your eyelids, there. " I said, smiling. I explained the Kingdom to her, and asked her about her death- of a sort.

"I think I froze." she said. "I think I was out ice skating, I'm not really sure. What do you think would be my power?"

"Something to do with ice? Cold? See what you can do, but maybe you should see the Creator, first."

"Sure, sure, then. Thanks, Katrina. I hope to see you another time!" she went in happily, and I wondered what trouble she would get into, being on the ground. Ants!

"How nice to fly!" I cried, flying high, high above.

The End

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