James: Don't piss the walls off

After while there wasn't much to talk about. and my impatients was getting the better of me. 

"Stand back Flames." I said  

"what?"  she stared at me confused

"Just stand back." I said in a very commanding voice.

she stepped back.   I allowed my powers full force and I slammed my fist into the wall. BOOM! As the smoke was clearing the wall didn't have a hole in but instead nothingness. 

"The hell?"  I asked my self. Suddenly the Wall rebuilt itself .   Weird  I started to walk away.  when suddenly the walls started to close the space imbetween them. I grabbed Flames

"Sorry." I said as i exploded jumped before the wall squished us.  we landed in another a similar looking area. 

"well attacking the walls don't work." I said rubbing the back of my head feeling really stupid.

The End

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