James: hopelessly lost

Hours after Hours of standing repeatedly saying i'm in an Illusion get someone to help did nothing.  I sat down on the floor I wish i had remembered which way i came here so I can get out but i don't.  Then down the road I see a girl a little younger than  me.  Looking around taking everything in. " Hey, do you know where we are?"  I asked 

" I came here looking for another afterlife. I was in a forest but  now i'm here." she replied.

"I just sorta walked here. The name is James, what yours?." I asked

"Flames."  she said

" nice meetin ya. do you know which way you came Becuase i'm lost."  I asked

"nope. All iIknow there was trees then these walls and paved path was here" she said. 

"Great."  I muttered under my breath 

Well atleast I've got a companion to talk to.

The End

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