Keela : Cliff

"Keela!" Miss Winter's voice buzzes through the communicator and wakes me up from my sleep. I become alert.

"Yes Miss Winter?" I reply, job?

"Meet me at Westpoint Avenue." She says to me. I concentrate. Westpoint Avenue. Westpoint Avenue. Westpoint Avenue. Then I am there. A girl stares at me, looking at me as if I am a ghost. But Miss Winter is already moving and I run behind her following.

"New boy," she tells me, "Can teleport like you, absolutely freaked out that he's dead, trapped on top of a high cliff. I need you teleport him down. He's too scared." I nod.

"Okay," I say, "But, I haven't tried teleporting anyone before."

"Do you best," answers Miss Winter. "You can teleport with your clothes, why not a person?" I smile nervously.

We reach the cliffs near the sea, Katrina is up there with the boy, around my age, probably trying to get him to trust her so she can fly him down. Soldiers are at the bottom, yelling at him to be a man. Gosh, they don't have a heart, do they?

"Go Keela!" Miss Winter encourages me. I stare at the cliff top, it is really tall, it sticks out from the rest and a wall blocks it away from the rest of the cliff so no one could go there and suicide or something. I teleport.

"Hi Katrina!" I greet her, she smiles back.

"Hey, he won't budge." She shouts at me, fighting to be heard over the heavy wind.

"Let me try." I turn to the boy. "Hi! I'm Keela, I can teleport like you. Don't worry, okay? I can get you down." He shakes his head.

"I don't even know where I am! Why am I even up here?" He cries, walking over to the edge and looking down. I pull him back.

"Relax." I yell, "What happened?"

"Our house was burning." He says loudly, tears now running down his pale face. "My baby sister was still in there. I went back in, and I found her. I passed her out to my mum through a broken window. Then I couldn't get out." Oh my. I took his hand. I concentrate on the sea of sand below us. Suddenly, I reach the sand, still holding his hand. I sigh in relief. Miss Winter runs over to me and takes the boy away.

"Well done." She calls to me. I smile. "Oh, and, the Creator needs you now. It's urgent, go to the Cathedral." The Creator!? I teleport away.

The End

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