Abbie: Oh No! KEELA!!!!!!!!

I'm talking to the woman at the reception desk in the hotel when I get a buzz from my phone. I open the message:

Mr Makins

Abbie, my office now. urgent!!!

I send a text back telling him I'm on my way. I run to Mr Makins' office. He's at the door, the colour drained from his face. I immediately get worried.

"What happened?" I ask

"It's Flames, she's hurt"

"What!?!? Where is she?"

"That'a the point, I don't know"

"What? You know the whole Kingdom, even the bits no-one goes in! How can you not know where she is?!?"

"I don't know that either. Abbie, Katrina says that she can't see Flames anywhere. Before she went, she was asking me about if there's another afterlife. Then she ran in the direction of... the forest. She's hurt badly, I think the only people who can help her you and Keela"

"Oh no!" I say. Mr Makins nods at me to go. I go and run through the streets yelling "KEELA!!! KEELA!!!" I can't find Keela anywhere. After hours of searching, I switch to last resort: asking the Creator. I run to the Creatathedral and press the buzzer.

"State name and purpose" the voice says

"Abbie, emergency" I say urgently. The huge doors swing open and I run up the stairs. I go into the hall and curtsy to the Creator. "Ma-am"

"Abbie, why so worried? You say there is an emergency?" she says

"Ma-am, it's Flames, she's hurt. Mr Makins doesn't know where she is and Katrina can't see her from above the Kingdom. Ma-am, I'm scared. I'm here to ask a favour, please Ma-am. Will you allow me and Keela, er, Keela and I, to go into the forest to find her. I think she went in search of another afterlife Ma-am. Please Ma-am." I practically beg the last bit.

"Very well, I shall summon Keela immediately"

The End

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