James: Released and ... lost

The nurse got me up saying that i can leave now.  I got out of bed exitedly today was going to be interesting. I just needed to find Winter. a few minutes later i found my self in the same looking alleyways lost.  there wasn't any signage indicating where i was. this is great  I'm stinkin lost and why isn't there any signage.  

after an hour wandering uselessly the best thing i could do was do that explode jump that i did in the park the other day.  I went high   enough to see that  this place was giant maze and unfortunetly it brought me a long way out of the city.  what an odd place i thought as I made an explosion sending me back to the city.   the city didn't seem to get any closer. Oh this was getting frusterating.  I leaned up agianst the wall the only thing that could describe this would be an Illusion or dream.  I hit my head on the wall a couple times to prove that this wasn't a dream. Great someone set this up purposfully. I yelled "come I have better things do ! I'm not playing anymore!" 

Nothing happened. Well if i'm standing in the middle of a street someone bound to help me some how. another decision would be to start blowing holes into these walls but I could be hurting people if this was an illusion. my only choice was to stand here  start explianing my  problem hopefully getting some ones attention that could help me.

The End

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