Katrina: What's My Job?

I was glad that Mr. Makins had been rather merciful upon Abbie. After, I sat on the chair in front of his desk. "What job have you assigned me, sir?" I asked.

"Well, Katrina, I believe you should get a very special job. You must, every day, go up and look at the Kingdom. You will have to report to me anything out of the norm. I expect you to be very vigilant, as you can prevent things that would be a hassle for those that must travel on the ground. Do you approve?"

"Oh, yes, sir! When can I start?" I said eagerly.

"Right now, if you wish. You will get paid one dome a day normally, but if you do anything other than just fly around, I will reward you accordingly. I don't believe it will be too hard to get a raise."

I stood up quickly, and as I thanked him, I flew out of the room, out of the building, and up into the air. Far above, I could see most of the Kingdom. People, like little ants, scurried along the ground.

How good it is to fly, I thought. I could get used to this.

The End

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