James: Hospital

Waking up to be alive was really surprising. But also seeing Winter , and being given the opportunity to be her aprrentice was also surprising. After she left I started wondering what was that whole entire fight about. What did the little boy do? As the nurse came by I asked "Hey yesterday there was little boy what happened to him?" 

"Oh you mean Torren, He's fine."  she replied

"Did you know what he did to that crazy women?"  Asking another question.

" Oh the Girl you speak about is his older sister. He was just visiting her and you see she should go to a mental instatuition , she has two personalities sorta like Dr: Jeykyl and Mr: Hyde." She explained to me.

"Thanks I just needed to know what I was fighting for." I  said

I got up to look at my self in the mirror my Iceberg blue eyes  piercing of perspective of me. Dirty blond haird needed a cut it was starting to intefere with my eyes.  I particulary looked at my newly aquirred scar. Winter mentioned two hearts  was it metaphorical or I truly had two hearts.  The other perplexing thing was the second chance guy was he a figment of my imagination or truly a person who helps people understand there power and themselves better.  Well tommorow I could ask Winter.  I  felt tired so i went back to sleep wonfering what tommorw had in store for me.



The End

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