Winter: Second heart

I wait at James side. Three days and he almost got himself killed luckily he has a second heart.

"Uh" he groans and I watch his eyes open then squint at the light.

"Morning sleepy head" I mutter. He turns to look at me shocked. "You okay?"

"Uh, yeah" he says sitting up then looking down at his healed wound. "How?"

"We have healers" I say shrugging.

"Why are you here?" he mutters and I laugh at his nervous face.

"Nothing bad actually the exact opposite" I say smiling.

"What?" he asks his voice becoming slightly happy.

"If you excpet the Creator would like to offer you a place as my secound apprentice"

He gawks at me. "You have a second heart James. It makes you almost immortal" I tell him tapping the left then right side of his chest.

"A second heart?" he mutters.

"How do you think you stayed alive" I stand up and stretch.

"I got to go" I says smiling. "You will be released tommorow"

Then I casually walk of out of the prison.

The End

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