James: Injury

The 8 foot tall Women made the decision for me and went for my head.  I barely dodged the blow As I feel the schank stab my hair.

"Kid!Go now, get out of here!" I yelled at him. 

My opponent proceeded with kicking me in the chest.  I went backwards and hit the cold stone floor. The air Escaping from my lungs  I still got up.  She was going to stab me again.   I punched the ground that created a crater and probaly sent the mad girl flying. Apparently not  as the flaming Schank came flying out of the smoke  stabbing me below my heart.  The world began to blur my heart slowing  down with each passing moment. The world went dark  as I hear a kid screaming "Mister, mister!"  then my heart stopped

I hear a beat ,and few seconds later another one. 

"So you've got some life in you." I hear a voice similar to my own 

As another heart beat sounded. -thump-

" Why didn't you use your powers?" The voice asked between distant heart beats.

" I did ,just not directly at her. If i had killed her the law would have forbade me to leave this place." I answered

" Explosions are your power. But do you think thats the only way to use your power?" the voice questioned me further.


" I didn't really think about it. But that would make sense." I said


"Well at first it will take concentration but eventually it will be second nature."


then images of different uses of my power went to my head like a compressed fireball that either I could detonate or on impact detonate. Then making a explosion that surrounded me. or when i kick the explosion makes heads straight into the direction I kicked.

- Thump-   



My heart beat was getting faster

" before you go who are you?" I asked the voice .

" Some people call me the second opinion ,  life giver , Or the third chance. I help those in need with good intentions.  Maybe sometime I'll meet you in person."  He said as his voice became more distant.

As the world returned  I found the schank still in my chest. And the women  looking down on me in surprise .

" you can't still be alive." She said dumbfounded, " I stopped your heart." 

"Well you didn't do it well enough." As I grabbed the schank.

I blew it up but in such way it was slow and awe inspiring. 

"Now Its time you told what the boy did to you?" As i punched her stomach  which had a small explosion afterward cuasing her to go flying across the dining hall.  I had succesfully knocked her out.  Good , Then my body stiffened and I collapsed to the ground as the medics came rolling in.



The End

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