Abbie: Apology

I'm showing Katrina the park when Keela comes out of the Creatathedral. 

"Hey,Keela!" I yell, waving my arms so she can see us. She looks over to where we are.

"Oh my gosh! Abbie! Are you OK?" she runs over and pulls me into a tight hug.

"Yes, I'm fine" I say to her. "Do you wanna come and tour the Kingdom with us?"

"Yeah! Hi Katrina"

"Hi" she answers. I give her a tour of the whole Kingdom. At the end, she says: "You have to take me to... to... to Mr Makins now." I nod. 

"I'm gonna go and find Flames" Keela excuses herself and walks off. I take Katrina to Mr Makins' office. I knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me" Katrina says "Abbie's bringing me back"

"Come in" he says. We walk in. Mr Makins nods at Katrina and turns to fix me with a stern stare, but it melts away when he sees my - still tear stained, I realize - face. He comes from behind his cluttered desk. He kneels in front of me (so he's my height) and takes my hands "Abbie, I'm sorry. I was too harsh. You've been working for me for so long, I forget how old you really are. You've been crying so much. I felt bad as soon as I got in and saw the state you'd be in, but I couldn't go back to the hotel. I knew you wouldn't talk to me. I'm sorry Abbie, truly I am." he says. I gasp quietly. I didn't think he would have forgiven me so easily. Mr Makins looks into my eyes. I know that they're rainbow. I can't speak, so I just nod. "Here" he says, handing me a 5 dome note "I didn't pay you for fixing the pin tower. But I'll still have to cut your pay. Not as much, I'll only lower it to 3 domes" 

"Thank you" I say

The End

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