Keela : Bonus

What?! Bonus? What Bonus? What? I'm confused......

"Um..Miss Winter?" I ask, running after her quickly, "What's this bonus? I'm not so sure what you mean."

"Bonus. As in, salary bonus. You get 50 domes per day. You did pretty good today, bring the soldiers fast and orderly. 100 domes for today."

"I...I do? Wow! Thank you so much!" I stutter. 100 domes! Oh my.

"Yeah, you did your part well. Just to remind you though, this job is difficult and sometimes inconveinient. I might need you in the middle of the night, if you are in a party, it cuts through some of your plans sometimes. But if you want this then this will be how it's going to be."

"Of course! I will do whatever is needed."

"Have you done much on your telekenetic skills? That may come useful often."

"I have! Look." I demonstrate to her, my untied shoelaces tied themselves together automatically through my mind. I had practised this a lot of times....before getting it perfect. Practises from before included the shoelaces tying themselves into seriously tangly knots. I even had to get new shoelaces once, after cutting through a knot.

"Good, keep practising. Start working on heavier and bigger objects. They will be harder to control but you will manage it." Miss Winter smiles at me then walks away gracefully. This job is awesome!

The End

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