James: Prison day 1

Well i was thinking it would be really high security and all but it isn't. The prisoners do as they feel , break ,hurt ,kill, and even rape.  Winter's warning did not go unheeded.  I wanted to escape I might even be able too but that would make me look really bad. I know in what i call now the real world that if a situation like this you can get away with. But your constantly under survilence.  But the laws here are strict you kill someone even in self defence you land in jail. I wonder if there werr a court here? I might be able to testify what happened and not get killed. Or maybe some one had taken interest in me and was able to get me outta here. I thought of  many ways that I could be saved.  As I sit in my cell fearing the next mealtime.  

 Hours later I hear the bell for dinner. I Haven't eaten in a few days  I have to go.  The food was gross i got this blob of red stuff which i would call puke and some meat which more looked like a dead cat's behind. I tried to sit in the most unoticable place hoping no one see's me.  I start with the red stuff which suspicously taste like buetane. When I'm  was almost done with the putrid food  this young ten year old boy knocks my chair over and says "help me". His blue eyes started to get watery. I get up  "sure kid whats the issue?"  I ask.  he points behind me.  I turn around to see this 8 foot tall angry girl with purple hair and  really sharp flaming , elictrically charged  schank in her hand.

"Um what exactly did the kid do to you?" I ask nervously

"None of your buisness pal. Now i suggest you move before I annihilate you."  The girl said.  

If I punched her directly I would kill another person. If I stepped out of the way I would kill the young boy. If I didn't do anything I would die. what the hell i'm i going to do?

The End

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