Winter: Why'd you do it?

"Why'd you do it James?" I ask turning to face him.

"I didn't mean to" he mutters. "I was just fighting back"

I sigh and push a hand up through my hair. They give off small sparks but nothing dangerous.

"I got them miss Winter" Keela calls about 10 soldiers, Sargent and the jailer, who I thinks called Max.

I vanish the shield and the soldiers go get one each. "Whose the guy?" Sargent asks.

I shrug then indicate James annoyed. Sargent handcuffs him behind his back.

"What's going to happen?" James asks.

"A month or longer in jail depending on the situation" I tell him.

"That doesn't seem so bad" he mutters.

"Your in a containment faculty with about hundred people with powers. Some stronger than yours" Then I watch as he's took away fear on his face.

"You earned the bonus, Keela" I say walking off her on my heels.

The End

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