James: Reflection

Like my previouse life I was always gettin into trouble of some sort. I don't know what brought it. Like my first day in school I was minding my own buisness  on a high platform in the playground area.  Where this kid a couple years older than me  attacked me. unfortunetly for him I stepped out of the way and tripped him where fell over and broke his neck. Causing him to be a parapalegic.  Later on I was expelled and my parents had a law suit to deal with, and ended up paying a large sum of money.  And a couple years back the worst possible trouble I ever ended up killed my parents.  I was in grade 8 first day of high school.

We had our long lecture about the rules and were sent home. on the way home a couple grade 12 were beating one of my former classmates. I couldn't allow them to continue so I jumped into the fray.  That didn't end up to well. I ended up in a hospital with  a concussion.  the police were there asking questions so i told them everything. the grade 12 were charged with assualt and were to go to a court hearing the next week.  In that time for revenge they did a prank. But the prank ended up setting fire to my house. I was lucky enough to escape but my parents and my younger brother were killed. which lead me to factory work.

Coming back to the present ; Winter was leading me to jail. With the morons who had attacked me.  I wasn't really in the mood for talking. Taking  someones life was really heart wrenching I didn't think I would kill him with my punch. What Was i thinking? Of  course a direct punch to the head  with a side order of explosion would kill someone. maybe if i was in jail this place would be safer. We turned a left where i saw  a girl Dressed alot like winter. 

"Keela go contact the police and their jailer." Winter ordered Keela.

"Yes miss winter." replied Keela. and like that she disapeared.

"Who was that? .... Miss." I asked nearly forgetting to adress winter as miss.

"The girl? she's my new apprentice."  answereing my question. 

Aprentice to what? I wondered.

The End

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