Abbie: It's Not Your Fault

After a while, Keela and Katrina seem to see there's no point even trying to get to me. When the tears finally stop, I wonder briefly where Flames went. But then there's a knock at the door.

"Abbie. Come out. It's me, and you need to show me around, and I need to talk to you. Please?" I hear Katrina say. And there's no getting out of that one is there? Because Mr Makins told her to tell me to show her around. And I will not get on Mr Makins' bad side again. I open the door. Katrina stands there, taking in my tear stained face, my eyes turning from black (devastation) to rainbow (mixed emotions). I can tell from the look on her face that she thinks this is her fault!

"It's not your fault" I say. 

"Yes it is. If I had-"

"It is not tour fault and I will never think that it is" I say. Then I stride past her and say: "Well, come on. I'm gonna give you the grand tour of the Kingdom"


The End

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