James: Fights are very different in the kingdom

The factory job didn't work our to well.  first demolishing things was pretty boring after a while. Two the explosion where always different liked flaming pieces of rubble putting holes in the walls of the factory wasn't a good thing.  I needed to learn to control my powers but where?  Thats something I should have asked winter.  Anyways even though Mr. Smithy didn't like sending me out on the streets its not like he had choice. I could kill people.  so I went to a nice open place and started to play around with my powers.  I picked up a rock and guessed how much it wieghed which was around a pound or two. Then i blew it up it caused about two pounds of pressure from the explosion. So the wieght of the object I destroy will only explode an equal amount of pressure. Thats sorta useful i guess. 

Suddenly behind I hear " Buddy thats exploding things! I want your money and valueables."  I turn around to see a muscular bald guy with a tatto of a black skull with two scimitars surrounding it ,and a flaming tornado on his forearm. behind baldy where some men that look quit similar with the same tattoo.   " I have nothing guys. I pretty much just got here."  I replied sounding braver then i actually was.  "Thats too bad  i guess i'm just going to have to kill you to find out the truth."  Baldy Said angrily. Before i could react i got a hard punch to the stomach.   Then I was sent flying into a tree.  Oww that hurt  alot. I started couging up blood, baldy was laughing now. Thats one thing I couldn't stand and that was being laughed at ,and being bullied. I stood up this time I saw baldy running at me at an inhuman speed.  I decided to jump. Bang !  I was about 20 feet in the air and plume of smoke was  emerging from where I was.   I was terrified when it was time to land luckily in fear I blew my shoes up which made landing softer.

Baldy emerged from the smoke dumbfouneded.  He spotted me and then charged once agian. this time I punched him in the face which ended the fight ,and  blew his body into flaming pieces.  His back up crew was  tremoring fear and  bolted down the streets before i could ask a few questions. I guess now i wait for the cops. Man this place is going to take some time to gut used to.




The End

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