Katrina: Mr. Makins

Uh! It was my fault, all my fault, that Abbie was now getting chewed out by Mr. Makins. I wasn't happy. But after Abbie ran, with us all telling her it wasn't her fault, Mr. Makins wanted to speak with me, in a fancy office that made my skin crawl. I don't like fancy offices.

"So, Katrina, I was told you can fly, as you died in a plane crash. Could you show me?" he asked.

"S-sure." I said, willing the ground to give way again. "Hey, this isn't as bad as it was!"

"Good, good, Katrina. I hope that in the future you are able to get complete control of your powers. I think I have a job for you. Flying allows you to oversee, yes? You can go way up, and look down to see for danger. I belive you should learn a bit more about your powers before I give you a permanent job. You may even have others, that you don't know about yet. Abbie will help you, and let her tell you everything you need to know. But in a little while I want you to come back here."

"Thanks, Mr. Makins." I wanted to ask about Abbie, but I thought that that would probably not get me anywhere good. I came out, and went to find Abbie. I knocked on her door.

"Abbie. Come out. It's me, and you need to show me around, and I need to talk to you. Please?"

The End

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