Abbie: So Done For

Flames follows me downstairs while Keela talks to Katrina. Mr Makins is in the reception area, you could cut the anger radiating off him with a knife. I slowly walk up to him.

"Well?" he says, he seems calm, that's a bad sign. It means he's too angry to show it. I know from when he'd been angry at someone else.

"Mr Makins I, I, I"  I stammer. He can tell the future, he knows what I'm going to say.Why can't he just say what he has to say.

"Get on with it girl!" he yells.

"I, I, I, I had other things to do Sir, I had to, to get a job for Keela and, and, and I totally lost track of time. I, I, I, I'm so s,s,s,s,sorry!" I say, my voice shaking.

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!" Mr Makins roars "Katrina is NEW! She had no idea what was going on, and you just give her direction to where you think I am!! It was lucky I saw her coming otherwise she could have been ANYWHERE by now!!!!" I am about to say that Keela and Flames are new too, but then I think better of it. I look down at my feet. "LOOK AT ME GIRL!!!" Mr Makins roars. The yelling goes on for another 10 minutes. I just stand there, listening. He knows I'm telling the truth, why is he yelling at me? "...I am stopping your pay for the next MONTH for this Abigail Bishops. I expect better from you!" and with that he storms out of the hotel, slamming the door behind him. Flames follows him. I'm aware that tears are pouring down my cheeks. The woman at the desk looks at me, sympathy all over her face. I run up to my room, flying past Keela and Katrina. I slam the door and collapse into a shaking heap behind it. I hear banging on the door.

"Abbie, what's wrong?"

"It's not your fault Abbie!"

"Abbie, let us in!"

I cant answer them. I just sit there, sobs shaking me uncontrollably. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Kingdom had heard Mr Makins shouting.

The End

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